Account Security

The explanations on the Security Guide only touch upon some of the most common and basic scams and information theft. Users should be aware that there are many more hazards in using the Internet and players must responsibility to protect their own accounts. RAN online promise you that we will do whatever is necessary and sensible to protect your accounts, but can not be responsible for users giving out their information.

Read through the security section and learn how to protect your account.

Computers get infected with viruses as a side effect of user action.

These user actions include opening an attachment, running an executable file, opening a video file, opening a word-processor document, and many more.

A Trojan horse:
A Trojan horse is a program that disguises itself as another program. Like viruses, they are malicious programs and could install software that could potentially steal your information.
  • Worms spread without any user actions. They use the Internet or LAN to propagate and infect computers.
  • Regularly check your computer for avoid viruses and/or keyloggers.
  • Never download/use illegal software.
Watch out for :
Executable files (ex: .exe files)
Video files (ex: .avi files)

Unknown attachments :
Turn off the auto open attachment function. Email scams come with attachments and usually warn you that the file is essential in securing your computer/account. They are most likely scams and should not be trusted. Read more about email scams on the Password/Info. Scams section.

Unfamiliar Programs :
  • If you are not absolutely sure about what a programs does, do not download or execute it.
  • Change your password immediately
  • You should always have your antivirus software updated and be extremely cautious when download or running a file. You should never ignore warning that pop up as they are there for a reason.

How to avoid my computer gets infected with viruses or Trojan horse?
Update your software
automatic update
Internet browsers and vaccine programs are constantly updated to accommodate for the increasing types of viruses or scams. You should keep your software updated in order to protect your account from the newest hacks/viruses.
Password Setting
  • Do not use simple and same words or numbers.
  • Do not use same number/ word with the account name.
  • Do not use your name, I/C number, and contact number, birthday or any form of personal information as your password.
  • Make it memorable.

Watch out for scams

Please keep in mind that all scams are based on gaining information needed to steal an account. So, always be alert and not be tricked into providing your personal information.

Never download illegal software
These programs usually come bundled with viruses or keyloggers that will put your account and information in jeopardy. Make sure that they are from a reliable source and always check for viruses and keyloggers

You must use anti-virus and anti-spyware
These programs will block most malicious programs from being installed on your computer. Please note that anti-virus and anti-spyware software are two different things and that you'll need them both to better protect your computer.

Update your software
Don’t share your account, these are all confidential information and should not be given to anyone. If you want to share the account or give the account information with your friends, please be alert and RAN official will not responsible for the circumstances.

How To Secure Your Account Password?
  • This information should be something you can remember, but it shouldn't be easy to guess. We do not recommend writing it down, but if you do, please keep it in a secure place.
  • Please be careful not to let any of your information slip. For example, do not give your email address to a friend who wants to write to you.
  • Never give away your account password to your friends.
  • Never divulges your account password in game/ website.
  • Please avoid for third party peep when you entering the account password.
  • Never save your account password in your hand phone.
Other Divulges Channel
  • Watch out for scams. All scams are based on gaining information needed to steal an account. So, keep the following in mind, as you might not be even aware of getting tricked.
  • A GM (Game Master) will NEVER ask you for you account information.
  • Never use illegal third party system and download illegal software.
  • Try to avoid to go any open space cyber cafe for playing RAN game.
Playing Somewhere Else
  • There will be times that a user might want to play on a computer other than the one that he/she usually plays on. This might be a friend’s computer or a computer at an Internet café. However, playing on a different computer increases the chance of getting keylogged.
  • Make absolutely sure that there are no spyware programs (keyloggers) installed, and leave NO traces of any of your information. Log off safely from whatever services you have used, and do not leave your ID or password on that computer.
  • Needless to say, you must check to see if the computer is safe to use before you perform any actions.
Do Not Attempt to Buy/ Sell Accounts

  • Don’t even use any accounts, which not belong to you.
  • Do not attempt to buy/sell accounts, as they might get hacked. Besides, selling accounts password is against the rules and regulations of RAN, so don’t share accounts.
The Risk to Buy Account Password
  • If the account you get is from steals or deceives (crime obtained thing), certainly we would delete or freeze the stolen account.
  • Without original register user identification document, the new buyer user is unable to request the game company to revise their account if their stolen account being hack.
  • If the original register user had improper use of this account, the new buyer user may be implicated.
  • The new buyer user have no protection if the original register user with related identification documentation request to change their password with game company.
The Risk to Sell Account Password
  • As a result of the original register user, the police will come to investigate the new buyer if the account was found used on illegal activities in game.
  • Personal data and account information are closely related, any account transferring would have possible occur the personal data being sold for improper use and there may be liable for unlawful use by others.
The Risk to Sell Treasures
  • If companies are prohibited virtual wealth and goods in game, even player bought a virtual treasures, after the game company found item will be deleted.
  • Virtual treasures in game trading are risky, whether it is labeling virtual treasures or money, it may cause problem from claiming the virtual treasures or money.
  • If the original register user had improper use of this account, although the purchase of the new buyer player are innocent, but in the endless fraud cases, the new buyer user may be implicated.
Adequacy of information to prevent victims
  • Pay attention to the criminal information online game derive, understanding of the ecological offense.
  • Remain alert to any suspicious cases immediately to avoid.
Fraudulent use of account numbers
Fraudulent to gain access to other gamers using their account number and password entered the game servers for the game, way include :
  1. Use of any computer hacking programs to hack gamers account.
  2. Use of surveillance.
  3. Use of sharing account.
Fraudulent methods to obtain account passwords to access the game and then steal the account item like "virtual treasures" and "equipment". "virtual money," and then seized the opportunity to make profit on low-priced online transactions for cash.

Fraudulent benefit
Deceptive in cheating other players generate virtual equipment on the property in the interests of criminals
  1. Pretender way: Disguised as a person, the original account as follows : "1 Princess 1" suspect role as : "l Princess l". The account has replaced the original figure 1 to english lowercase L, without other investigation, suspect is easily disguised as victims of fraud to other player ( case like borrow the equipment).
  2. Stealth way: Pretend to dealing with virtual equipment, using hacking programs and pretend to send message or pending any victims for their fraud trading.
  3. Cover way: The victims discovered they step losses in the trading window. the virtual money are discover different from the amount appear in the pending trading transaction.
  4. Alliance way: Swindlers recruit players to join their group online, and using online trading windows similar in game to take advantage of having the player will confirm transactions.
  5. Relative way: Swindlers usually claiming to be friends of the victims in the game. But in fact they using a confusing name similar to special symbols, text input in character roles names, to lend victims virtual treasures and cheat their equipment.
  6. Group way: Party organizations or gold fraud syndicate "treasures currency" and "virtual equipment" made transaction from online game, cheat their money and use trojan programs to steal victims penetrated account passwords.
  7. Draw way: Swindler using the name of draw to cheat players for their money or account password.
  8. Absorption way: Fraud syndicate using "XX group" name, they recruit players to join their group online to cheat the players virtual equipment or account password.
Violent Crime
Use of illegal way to obtain valuable virtual equipment
  1. Pirate carrying weapons : falsely claimed as online gamers to buy equipment, and agreed to further strengthen and taken to the mountains with weapons and forcing other player to given their account number and password. And took their valuables virtual equipment into account and sale it for their own profit.
  2. Gang revenge, when they were shot dead in game : Internet war game in which players were struck and killed opponents. players find opponents and ran into the shop to pursuit, and then seriously wound others. .
  3. Lose in pk, abduction : players find opponents and kidnap and shooting photographs of naked to secluded and forcing player to give their account number and password.
Other Crimes
Chat conversations using online games, exchange mobile phone, and improper use of forum for crimes.

Things to be note
  1. Swindler asking for player account information or equipment.
  2. Although the shop is one of deceptive practices, but because there are so many evil businessmen. so it has only beware when come to the store. (by this time every photo taken with a process as for certification)
Protect account password and enhance network security
Read the safety precautions and try to understand the network security to protect your computer data. Don't played the game without pay attention to other things, Otherwise your network moves will be insecure exposed.
  1. Do not tell others your account passwords in the game. Generally, such accounts were stolen around players who are friends or friends. If it must be shared and friends account, it should be psychologically prepared for the damage. So please ensure that the privacy of your own accounts and passwords.
  2. GaMonster account can be in any game, when you are not interested in your account or password. All games will likely lead to account stolen.
  3. Do not use any hacking program, no matter what you have in indiscriminate use of the game, as long as you use in other games. You might create the keyboard input to the record store who obediently hands. When the time is ripe to find out your password combination several times. At that time, you may also find stolen unclear in the end.
  4. Do not receiving free / open Internet ICQ, MSN, email and other documents transmitted by contact tool. Even if the name is written you a letter or a friend or a certain big star, never open curiosity, do the antivirus work and get confirmation from the sender and the contents of the documents.
  5. Carefully check the website, beware of trojan trouble. To prevent regret do not assume automatically to get what links or files downloaded from the web site.
  6. Do not trust anyone in the network, and do not think that he had help you, and you have complete confidence in each other. all you have to is beware of swindlers in the network.
  7. Do not use those can easily be guessed passwords like birthday or telephone numbers, etc. try to use some complex code for more security.
  8. Change passwords regularly. If you use the account number in a public place, change passwords regularly. because it is hard to detect others markings on the side of your password or computer program secretly.
  9. Install anti-virus programs, firewall, anti-drug programs the most important thing is to remember to update regularly.
  10. Close the browser "AutoComplete" function. Otherwise, other people may be able to directly enter without the account password.
  11. Remember to restart the computer to empty the message in memory, to avoid someone transferring the account and password from memory.
  12. A GM (Game Master) will NEVER ask you for you account information.
  13. Do not trade any account, if the original player had made improper use of this account, the new buyer may be implicated.